About Me

Junior developer with a passion for Front-End development and web technologies

Web development and web design have been my favorite things since the day I took my first web development class in college! The feeling of seeing my code successfully appear right before my eyes sparked a deep interest inside me, and it hasn’t stopped since. The best part about being in web development for me is being able to make anything I want through writing code with a little hard work and creativity.

I graduated from Kennesaw State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology concentrating in Mobile and Web Technologies. My studies led me to develop a passion for web development and web design. Because so, I began to create and develop web pages and web apps in my spare time. This helped me to build strengths in front-end web development. My favorite technologies to use to create awesome web pages are HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, JavaScript, PHP, and Photoshop.

There will always something new to learn, so I am constantly learning and improving my skills to enhance my knowledge of the industry. I am seeking opportunities to use my knowledge of web technologies while continuously learning and enhancing my skills.

Current focus: Seeking a professional role in Front-End Development.